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The Super Bundle

The Super Bundle

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  • Free of tannin (root growth inhibiting substance) and other toxic materials
  • Enables full adherence of the plants to the walls, improving the capacity of the transfer of nutrients between the pot and the plant
  • Provides environment with retention of water and nutrients at perfect levels for the plants development
  • For being a 100% natural product, Xaxim Pots can be buried in the soil together with the plant
  • Assures the best pot cultivation for plantation and replantation
  • Does not contain any kind of chemical or mineral additive

We recommend the use of a saucer for usage indoors.

The Super Bundle includes:

  • 1 Xaxim Large
  • 1 Xaxim Medium
  • 1 Xaxim Small
  • 1 Xaxim Mini
  • 1 Xaxim Half Moon
  • 1 Xaxim Heart
  • 1 Substrate for Orchids and Bromeliads
  • 1 Substrate for All Types of Plants
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100% Natural and Sustainable

The perfect home for your plants!

Xaxim Pots have high water and nutrient absorption, and can be planted directly in the ground since it is a 100% natural and sustainable product