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Spello Ondulato

Spello Ondulato

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Spello is one of the most charming villages in Italy and it was there that we were inspired to create this line of cachepots. This village brings together architecture, history and flowery alleys that never go unnoticed. We want to inspire you to bring that touch of charm found in Spello into your home. There are three cachepot models that can be used in several different compositions, you choose the one that best suits your style: Ondulatto, Pilastri, and Rischio.

What is the difference between a vase and a cachepot?

Basically the difference is the hole in the bottom: the vases have a hole to drain the water from the irrigation, the cachepot does not have this hole as it works as a “vase hide”, that is, it is more used as a decorative object for plants that are planted in those simpler vases. But that doesn't mean you can't plant in it too!

Mouth Diameter: 5 7/8 in
Total height: 5 7/8 in
Overall Width: 7 in
Base Diameter: 5 1/8 in
Capacity: 0.79 gal

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100% Natural and Sustainable

The perfect home for your plants!

Xaxim Pots have high water and nutrient absorption, and can be planted directly in the ground since it is a 100% natural and sustainable product