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Amsterdam Bowl - Large

Amsterdam Bowl - Large

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An infinity of possibilities… that is the purpose of the Amsterdam vase line.

This line consists of:

6 sizes of classic pots with rounded lines, which accommodate many types and sizes of plants, from a small seedling to a fruit tree.
3 sizes of Window Box flower pots.
2 sizes of Bowls.
All vases in this line are supplied with the plate included in the same design. We at Floridis are always concerned about delivering a complete vase ready to be planted!

Top Diameter: 17 3/8 in
Total height: 17 1/2 in
Overall Width: 19 5/8 in
Base Diameter: 15 in
Capacity: 5.90 gal
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100% Natural and Sustainable

The perfect home for your plants!

Xaxim Pots have high water and nutrient absorption, and can be planted directly in the ground since it is a 100% natural and sustainable product