Bioblue's focus is on the industrialization of products intended for the preservation of waters. We position ourselves as suppliers on and offshore products because the combating groundwater contamination, as well as the processes of water treatmentm also incumbent on us

Lines of Operation

Absorption Line

We produce, from our lines of synthetic and natural absorbers, absorption booms for use in sheltered waters, offshore absorption booms, pads, and filters for onshore absorption, in addition to selling the absorbers in bulk, commonly used for small and constant leaks.

Containment Line

Our containment product line consists of fixed and handling booms. In this case there is no difference between us and our competitors other than prices, however there is an important particularity in this market.

Custom Line

Bioblue holds an internationally recognized absorption technology and develops customized projects according to the demand of large industries.

Bioblue Ecofast

High hydrocarbon absorption and retention capacity

It maintains its buoyancy even after oil absorption

Hydrophobic product (absorbs water in a negligible amount)

Lower disposal cost due to its low density

Better agility in the operation (reduction of labor)

Non-toxic product obtained from raw material from a renewable source

Bioblue Products

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